Online reputation management and reviewers

Online reputation management and reviewers

Online reputation management means maintaining a positive image of a business or an identity online on the Internet. Online reputation management has evolved in the years and now it has become one of the major assets of a business online.

 an online reputation of a business can make the business profitable or can be detrimental to it. your online reputation is overruled by online reviews left by reviewers.

 Satisfying these reviewers is very important as they are a major asset to your business. to manage online reputation of your business you must first understand the types of reviewers there are. there are generally five kinds of reviewers or the people that would or very likely leave a review.

  • The first one is the consumer who just wants to share their frustration so it is very likely that they will leave a negative review such kind of consumers are very hard to deal with.
  • the second kind of reviewer is a consumer who wants to praise a company or a product or a service provided by the company and are very likely to leave a positive review.
  • and there comes this third type of reviewer they just want to be recognized and feel empowered.
  • The forth kind of reviewer is the consumer that just want to be recognized by people for his knowledge and taste.
  • And the fifth reviewer is the consumer that feels like giving back to the society and always makes sure to drop a honest review about the product or the service that is provided by the company or the business.

Though some people might not leave a review about a certain product or service but some always have to review stuff. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. Managing your reviews and keeping them on the positive side of the spectrum is important for maintaining a profitable reputation on the internet.

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