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Online Reputation Management or ORM refers to the process of building, managing, and monitoring a brand’s reputation online. In an age where information is widely available through the Internet, having an online presence is just as important as having a good reputation. Without the two of these, the chances of warm prospects going to a local competitor is much higher.

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Do you see negative comments or reviews while searching online for yourself or your business?

  • Is your competitor running a negative PR campaign against you?
  • Are customers leaving bad reviews on the web about your business?

If you are being haunted by negative links on the web, then we have the right solution for you! We specialize in online reputation management for corporate and clients.

Who needs reputation management?

Any corporation, organization or individual whose business or interests are suffering because of negative links, comments, and reviews posted on the web could benefit from reputation management.  


  • Jealous competitors – It is a competitive world. Your business competition may be targeting you online by posting negative reviews or comments about your products and services.
  • Dissatisfied customers – Some customers may be putting negative reviews about you or your business online. It can hamper your business. New customers searching for you may be put off by negative reviews online.
  • Business deals – Negative feedbacks and bad reviews on top search engine pages give a negative impression to your potential clients. You may lose important business deals due to this misinformation.
  • Personal attack – It can be devastating if there are negative reviews and comments about an individual online. Being personally attacked online can damage your image on the web.


We work with a calculated approach to spread positivity about you and your business online. We employ a professional approach to deal with the problem created by others.

  • Effective customized strategy – We work with a proven strategy to clean your online image. Our efforts involve creating positive news sites, blogs, and social networking profiles, enhance website content, press releases, etc.
  • Reputation management tools – We use our state-of-the-art, time-tested online reputation tools and software to manage online reputations.
  • Clean internet search – We ensure the first page of search engines remain clean of any negative links for you or your business. The internet search for your name or your company’s name come back with positive reviews.
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